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Budget Garage Door Repair Sioux City, IA

For more than 20 years, Budget Garage Door Repair has been repairing garage doors and garage door parts in the greater Sioux City area. That’s 20 years of building our reputation to be the leading provider of garage door repairs in our area. We are proud to serve our hometown and the surrounding communities with service to all garage doors and garage door parts. We know when we repair a garage door that we are giving security and mobility back to a family or business. Being locked in by your own garage door is never a good way to start a day! Your immediate thought is how much is this going to cost and how long is it going to take. At Budget Garage Door Repair, both questions are what drive our business. We aim to service our customers quickly, when they need us and always at a fair and honest rates. We offer discounts Senior Citizens, AAA Members, and Veterans.

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Our Services for Over 20 Years

We service all residential garage doors and commercial garage doors and we offer garage door expertise to ensure you understand everything we do while on-site. When you find yourself locked in or locked out by your garage door opener, give us a call! We are fully licensed and insured and we make sure each technician has a full inventory to service your garage door repair needs. For 20 years we’ve been taking care of our neighbors in Sioux City and the surrounding communities, let us add you to the list of happy customers! 

Regular Garage Door Maintenance

While we understand that regular maintenance on your garage door isn’t top of the list of things to do, it should be scheduled on a regular basis. There are around 25,000 accidents every year in the United States from misaligned and broken garage door systems and garage door opener issues. Your garage door is the single heaviest piece of moving equipment at your home. You should be maintaining your garage doors for that reason alone. Your garage door can become misaligned and fall, the brackets can become worn, the garage door opener can fail, and the springs are highly dangerous as they age. Regular maintenance visits from a trained garage door repair technician can assure your moving parts are in good working order to avoid accidents.  

Professional Maintenance from Our Expert Service Technicians for your Garage Doors

While some maintenance can be performed on your own, a professional should be called for these issues with your garage doors:

  1. Broken Hardware

    Such as a hinge. If you have to replace multiple hinges, you will want to call a professional. 

  2. Broken Garage Door Springs

    Springs make a loud bang or pop sound when broken. Garage door spring replacement should always be handled by a professional for safety purposes. 

  3. Broken Wheels

    Replacing wheels takes some TLC so that the door itself and/or the track does not get damaged in the repair process. 

  4. Broken Door Panels

    A single panel looks lighter than it actually is. Replacing even one panel should be handled by a team of professionals. Multiple panels for multiple garage doors should always be handled by professionals.

  5. Damaged Weather Stripping

    Weather stripping is an easy DIY for the most part around your home. When weather stripping between garage door panels, you should call a professional for help. 

  6. Dents to Garage Doors 

    Some dents can be pulled out with a plunger. Other dents can cause fatigue on the tracks and wheels if the dent is big enough. Have a professional take a look to make sure your door is still safe to use. 

  7. Garage Door Openers Not Operating

    Your garage door openers can be tricky parts of your automatic garage door system. It could be an electrical issue, it could be a coding issue, it could just be a regular maintenance or aging part issue causing your garage opener to not work. A professional should take a look to make sure the opener is working safely with your garage door. 

Garage Door Maintenance To Extend the Life of your Garage Door System 

Whether you are a DIY’er or an immediate call for backup type of homeowner, your garage door should see regular maintenance to keep you and your family safe. Please reach out with any questions or set an appointment for your annual checkup on your garage door opener and system. 

Garage Door Repairs and Garage Door System Services

Is your old garage door causing you trouble? Contact Budget Garage Door Repair today to schedule your service call or for emergency services. While regular maintenance is key to extending your automatic garage doors life, things still can breakdown unexpectedly. At Budget Garage Door Repair we understand that garage door issues add unnecessary frustration and disruption to your already busy life. When we get a call for repair, we immediately dispatch one of our fully stocked technicians to your home or business. Our expert Budget Garage Door Repair technicians are qualified to service your Sioux City garage door and get it back to perfect working order in no time!

Fully Stocked Vans and Quality Workmanship

All of our trucks are fully stocked with inventory and parts that so that we can get your garage system fixed in one visit! Whether you need an annual maintenance check to keep your system safe or you know you need a new garage door opener, we can take care of all of your garage door repair and service needs.  You can count on Budget Garage Door Repair for fast, reliable garage door repair and service. With 20 years of experience, you can rely on our team to expertly provide garage door repair service in Sioux City that will exceed your expectations by providing the best products, highest quality workmanship, and most affordable prices.

Why Budget Garage Door Repair?

Because we’ve been servicing garage doors and garage door openers and completing garage door installation for 20 years! At Budget Garage Door Repair, we know that you need to get your garage door functioning ASAP. If you’re looking to repair garage doors, our technicians can be at your Sioux City home when you need us for a service call! We offer same-day garage door repair service 7 days a week. From a new garage door to servicing an older garage door system and opener, we can help you keep your garage door in great condition! 

We Offer Great Service with Small Business Pride

We are a small business and take pride every time we complete garage door service for a customer or repair a garage door. Your garage door openers and parts are always just a call away. We are you garage door repair experts! From a new garage door with full garage door installation to garage door services for older makes and models, we can handle it! When you call Budget Garage Door Repair to your Sioux City home, you can expect honest and straight forward flat rates and great service to your garage door. Give us a call today and let Budget Garage Door Repair fix any of your garage door repair needs in Sioux City. We can ensure you have the best garage door opener and the best garage door on the market! We offer some of the best products, services, and warranties in the industry.

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Contact Budget Garage Door Repair today to schedule your service call or for emergency services. As the top garage door company in Sioux City, we service all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers, from residential to commercial garage door repair and commercial garage door installation. Our experienced technicians are stocked and ready to handle all garage door repairs so that your garage doors are back up and running quickly! We know you have a lot of options when it comes to garage door repair companies, with 20 years of service experience, we are your garage door repair experts! Our technicians are the best at what they do and we make it our mission to take care of our customers.  Contact Us