Garage Door Is Sticking Sioux City, IA

Your garage door is heavy and you want to ensure that it is stable and secure at all times, so you don’t risk any chance of it coming crashing down on you. Garage door accidents are usually caused from people not knowing how to operate a garage door or improper installation from the installer. Often times, springs and cables snap which result in the garage door suddenly falling. When your garage door falls, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR IT YOURSELF. Call Budget Garage Door Repair in Sioux City as we can assure you we will properly install your garage door so you don’t have to worry about it falling again.


Some issues that could be causing your garage door to stick when opening are: a weak battery in your remote garage door opener, not having enough lubrication on the track, or an unevenly hung door. You should check the batteries, all the sensors, and switches first. If you don’t have a remote garage door opener, check to make sure there is nothing in the way of the wheel track on your garage door. Changing out the batteries and clearing the garage door track are often quick and easy fixes for your stuck Sioux City garage door.

Sticky tracks, sticky wheels, and sticky chains often serve as culprits for a stuck garage door; however, with some lubrication to these parts, and your garage door will be will be opening and closing smoothly in no time. Lubricating the wheels and tracks of your Sioux City garage door every six months will help prevent sticking and keep your garage door running smoothly.

Another common cause of a garage door sticking when opening is your garage door is a poor installation causing the garage door to be unevenly hung. One way to check that your garage door is evenly hung is to look at all the cables and springs holding up your garage door to determine if they are even in length and they have the same springiness from side to side.

If it turns out your garage door appears to be even, your batteries are fresh in your garage door remote, and you are still experiencing a sticky garage door, give Budget Garage Door Repair a call!